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Pandora Bracelet Beads is the superb blog about science as well as current events. The blogger says that they mostly going to write on current affairs, with news being second. Plus the occasional funny cat video as his readers all love cats.

New technologies in the auto industry

The first article on the blog is about Car Accidents being reduced with New Technology in Vehicles; an interesting article that I wrote about earlier in the week. This article talks about the new technologies that “driver-less” vehicles are bringing to the markets with many super technologies coming pre-loaded instead of add-ons.

Crash avoidance

Most of these new technologies with systems for crash avoidance actually began as tests for some of the luxurious models and vehicles but have more and more been implemented into more fleet models. Crash avoidance helps the drivers with options such as warning to avoid accidents and automatic braking. Some of these systems that are now becoming standards in most vehicles include:

  • Back over prevention;
  • Parking assistance;
  • Detection of blind spots;
  • Adaptive headlights;
  • Lane departure warnings;
  • Head on collision prevention.