Technology NewsDriver-less vehicles are beginning to cause a great amount of media buzz, thanks to the fascination of the public with new vehicle technology and what the world’s future vehicles might be like. However, there is a great revolution being seen at this time that have more immediate implications for insurance agencies and drivers that some of the driver-less vehicles have. Progressively, motor vehicles are pre-loaded with innovative safety solutions that institute analysis shows are avoiding certain types of accidents.

The long and enduring test program for crash avoidance has helped to implement many great improvements for vehicles in providing protection for drivers. This type of technology promises that with implementation, a great amount of vehicle accidents will be avoided altogether. At this time, research is showing amazing benefits with their automatic braking and head on collision warning technology.

Just like any other type of innovative technology, systems for crash avoidance began as tests on some of the most luxurious vehicle models and have increasingly began to implement into more fleet models. The main idea of crash avoidance is to help the driver with options such as automatic braking or warning to help avoid accidents. Some of the implemented systems include:

  • Back over prevention
  • Parking assistance
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Detection of blind spots
  • Warning for lane departure
  • Head on collision prevention